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Effective Sales Funnels Produce A Complete Picture For Prospective Buyers

People hate getting tricked. When was the last time somebody pulled a bait-and-switch trick on you? It didn't feel good right? It wasn't exactly a happy experience. And the more these tricks are pulled, the more jaded consumers become. They are always thinking to themselves, “Well, that’s too good to be true. What is that […]
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Effective Sales Funnels Do A Good Job Pre-Qualifying And Filtering Their Traffic

You probably have seen sales funnels before. You probably have gone through a sales funnel, and didn't even know it. The truth is effective sales funnels work in an undercover way. They don't look like sales funnels. It doesn't seem like they behave like sales funnels, but believe me, once you whip out your credit […]
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Pre-Qualify Your Traffic To Earn More Money Online

The idea of pre-qualification is very straightforward. If you were going to make money off your online traffic, they better come from places that are populated by people who are already interested in whatever it is you are promoting. This is pretty straightforward. If you're selling shoes, for example, you wouldn't want to advertise in […]
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What To Look For When Trying To Convert A Customer

For the longest time, sales people were under the impression that they can basically convert anybody. In other words, if a person walked through the door, there is a chance that if the salesperson was skilled enough and knew their craft enough, they can turn that customer into dollars and cents. Now, we all know […]
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Why is the "build it and they will come" mindset so prevalent and fatal?

Have you heard the phrase "build it and they will come"? The truth is, too many people believe this and that's why they struggle. This mindset has killed so many online entrepreneurial dreams that it’s quite a tragedy. How does this mindset lead to disaster? Here’s the typical timeline: You may be really excited about […]
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