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November 13, 2019

Effective Sales Funnels Do A Good Job Pre-Qualifying And Filtering Their Traffic

You probably have seen sales funnels before. You probably have gone through a sales funnel, and didn't even know it. The truth is

effective sales funnels work in an undercover way. They don't look like sales funnels. It doesn't seem like they behave like sales funnels, but believe me, once you whip out your credit card, and enter your credit card information into an online form and make a purchase, you have just been through an effective one.

That's how awesome sales funnels are. If they were well-put together, they can help you make money from online traffic. The best part is your customers don't mind. In fact, they would eagerly hand you their money because they can see as they go through your sales funnel, but you are delivering the value that they came for.

Please understand that if you put your marketing materials in front of the right eyeballs, people would be eager to do business with you. How come? They are looking for a solution to their problems. You make it obvious that you have that solution, and that your solution compares so much better than all the other options on the market.

Since they can see the superiority of your offer, they make the move. It's a win-win situation. They get to solve their issue, you get to make money. What's not to love? That really is the essence of effective sales funnels.

But you and I know that it isn't that simple. It's not simple precisely because a lot of marketers do not pre-qualify their traffic. You have to understand that just because somebody is somewhat, somehow interested in what you have to say, doesn't necessarily mean that that person is ready, willing, and eager to buy right here, right now.

You have to filter that person. If that person is thinking of maybe buying next year, then that person has to be filtered by your system. You can't let that person go all the way to the sales page because they're not going to do you any favors. They're just going to bounce out. You wasted all that time, effort, and energy creating this system attracting the wrong eyeballs.

An effective sales funnel pre-qualifies people early on. Either they're interested in your product category, or they're not. Either they're interested in a particular line of solutions, or they're not. Either they're interested in a particular product, or they're not. Either they're interested in buying that particular product from you, or they're not.

Those are the steps in an effective sales funnel, and these messages have to be strung together the right way. Otherwise, a lot is going to get lost in translation. Also, a lot is going to fall between the cracks. What makes effective sales funnels effective is precisely because they have been optimized over an extended period of time.

This is where a lot of marketers fail. They think that they just need to slap together a nice-looking sales funnel and call it a day. No, that's actually just the beginning of your journey. So do yourself a big favor. If you are looking to put together an effective sales funnel, that will pre-qualify and filter your traffic for maximum sales conversion, click here.

Article written by Heru Lutalo
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