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November 13, 2019

Sales funnels are not the same as content funnels

Are you having a tough time with your sales funnel? Chances are you've set up your website the wrong way

or you're probably just blogging or posting content in the hope that somehow, someway, somebody would click on a link that somehow, someway would put dollars in your pockets.

Unfortunately, the whole "somehow, someway" mentality is not going to ticket to riches. If you are serious about making any kind of money from the internet, you have to pay close attention to funnel building.

The problem is a lot of people are confused as to the kind of funnels they should be building. They put themselves in that situation because they did not go about it in a systematic and methodical way.

Content funnels explained

Content funnels are all about turning traffic that is looking for certain types of content and filtering those people in a way, eventually will convert into buyers. Content fans are all about building credibility and authority.

When you plug them into a content funnel, their questions get answered and before you know it, they build more and more trust in whatever it is you are promoting.

This can then lead to email list members which you can then convert later through a future update. This can also lead to actual sales right then and there.

Pair this from simply pulling traffic from the internet by dropping links, or buying traffic and then people will see a sales page, realize they are not interested and then they bounce out. There's really not much opportunity in building credibility.

It's really important to understand that sales funnels are very different from content funnels.

Building proper sales funnels

You can actually build a complete sales funnel into one page. This is called a conversion page.

You buy traffic or get organic traffic and people come in and read the page. The more they read the page, the more they find details and they answer questions and the more they may build trust.

Eventually, the person who reads the bottom of the page is the one to most likely click the order now button. What happens to everybody else? They bounce out.

After they read the content on the sales page, they realize that they probably not interested or whatever value proposition the product you're promoting doesn't really appeal to them. So the conversion page did its job. It filtered people. Content funnels, on the other hand, qualify prospects over an extended period of time.

Content funnels are powerful because they can rapidly build trust in the mind of the visitor. Almost everyone who finds themselves on your site are looking for answers. They have certain questions they want answered.

When they get their initial questions answered, most would want to bounce out. But if you have other content on your pages that speaks to other questions they may have or, better yet, deep needs they may have, you get a chance to pull them deeper into your site and impress them even more.

The deeper they go into your site, the more likely they are to join your mailing list or click an ad. Set up properly, content funnels build enough trust for consumers to want to click through to an actual conversion sales funnel.

Understand that these funnels are quite different from each other. Don’t confuse the two.

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Article written by Heru Lutalo
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