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November 13, 2019

Spiritual Entrepreneurs lose track of what they're converting for and that's why they struggle

Some people think that they just need to copy and paste what somebody else is doing and they will end up

producing the same results. There are tons of “Warrior Special Offers” making this claim. Don’t believe the hype. Let’s cut straight to the chase: just because someone posts nice screenshots of amazing results doesn’t mean they are showing you the complete picture. Who knows what they actually did to produce those numbers?

Outside of flat out scams where promoters post fake or doctored statistics (these are more prevalent than most people think!) you can’t really give too much weight to online income claims because you don’t know those awesome numbers’ context.

Maybe they bought very expensive traffic? Maybe they got access to cross registration traffic? Maybe they have high refund or charge back rates? There are just so many unanswered questions about those rosy statistics.

What makes those comeons specially dangerous is when they get you excited about statistics that are supposed to lead to conversions: page views, ad clicks, dwell time, total pages viewed, etc. Many rookie marketers fall for the bait. And they continue to suffer.

I used to think that way. Things started to change for me when I focused on one key thing: remember that conversions are sales.

Conversions measure whether you made money or not. Simple black and white open and shut case.

The problem is, it's very easy to get confused with all the intermediate processes that have to happen before dollars appear in your bank account. In the beginning, I was all excited about how many people showed up at my site.

I was really ecstatic one day and I was able to break the 5,000 visitor mark. I didn't make a penny that day, but it didn't matter because 5,000 people showed up on my site. The metric that I should have paid attention to was my bounce rate. When I got my act together and checked my statistics and looked at my bounce rate, it was 98%.

In other words, in those 5,000 people that showed up on my website, only a tiny fraction even bothered checking my internal pages. It was no surprise that I did not make any money.

What happened to me is a very familiar story. I am hardly alone because when people lose track of what they're really converting for, they struggle. Focus instead on the prize.

What is the prize? It's the amount of money you are making off your sites on a passive basis. That’s the name of the game. As far as you should be concerned, anything else is just noise. Don’t get side tracked by ‘alternative success metrics.’  Focus on the bottom line.

Understand what you’re doing. You're trying to make passive income. You're trying to build something once and make money many times over. But for all that to happen, you have to focus on conversions. To achieve a breakthrough in making money online, by learning how optimize your funnels correctly, click here.

Article written by Heru Lutalo
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